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Review for Asa - Adam Stein Appliance Service on Directory
26 Jul 2023

We had Serge over to fix our fridge - which was misdiagnosed from the first company we got (waste of money) - and he fixed it up just fine. Parts were in quickly, and Serge managed to get it done before a lot of company arriving for a wedding. Very good experience - customer service on the phone also excellent.
Review for Tim Roe's Appliance Service on Directory
08 Oct 2022

This business does warranty work for the Brick. I had an appointment scheduled for at least two weeks. This business did not show nor give a call. I would no recommend this business to anyone. Bad businesses need to get out of the business. I wish I could leave zero stars.
Review for Mccann Mechanical Inc on Directory
27 Sep 2022

Poor customer service; overextended themselves. technicians were fine.
Review for Mccann Mechanical Inc on Whodoyou
26 Jan 2022

McCann Mechanical was on time and they always return your calls. So thank you very much.
Review for Dependable Appliances Sales & Service on Whodoyou
07 Dec 2021

Service was great and it was prompt, we meant to ask him to have a quick look at our dishwasher when we was, when he was here he does, there's an odor that we can't seem to eliminate, but we forgot to do that. So anyway. Yeah, the service was great and would call you again. Thank you. Bye.
Review for Dependable Appliances Sales & Service on Whodoyou
07 Dec 2021

Hi, I'd like my new stove. It's very nice and sits in the kitchen very well. I haven't yours yet though. I'll be using supper time. So thank you so much for everything. Her bye.
Review for Dependable Appliances Sales & Service on Whodoyou
07 Dec 2021

I've been a client of dependable, for whole 20 years or so. They are punctual, efficient and reasonable. I have nothing but highest praise for them.
Review for Fw Black Ltd on Directory
30 Nov 2021

Such a terrible place!!! We recently moved to Kingston and would love to support local business during the pandemic. We purchased a new house and needed to buy all new appliances for two units (in total 13 appliances). We paid in full at the beginning of 2021. They told us all appliances were available and would be kept in their warehouse for us. They promised to deliver them after our renovation was completed. But, a month after we paid them, their sales person told us that a few appliances were not available. We then spent a couple of days to search on the internet and found them at other appliance stores. Of the remaining appliances F.W. Black delivered 2 wrong appliances. One of them was a gas range. It was on the floor when we bought it. They sold it to another customer and gave us a discontinued model as a replacement. After a few communications with them we finally got a refund. We had no stove for almost 5 months. What I understand is F.W. Black was a very good store for many years but things have changed drastically since new owners took over.
Review for Dependable Appliances Sales & Service on Whodoyou
05 Oct 2021

Yes, it's Gary. Oh good. I got your message and dependable applying to the the repair guy was professional and did an excellent job and were very pleased. That's the 2nd time that he's been to our house in the last within the last year. So appreciate your business. Thank you.

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