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Review for Comfort Zone Heating & Air Conditioning on Directory
21 Oct 2022

Flooding, 4 damaged floors, raw waste water all over my subfloor, challenging conversations getting them to honour their WRITTEN GUARANTEE... Not only am I out over $5,000 as a result of dealings with Comfort Zone, but they BLAME ME for it! Talk about adding insult to injury! Comfort Zone: "This is not an installation issue. This is not our responsibility on any way what so ever". What happened: I hired them to install central A/C. The rest is resultant of their work. They gave a written guarantee - if the unit they installed was not big enough to cool the house, they would upgrade it at no cost to me. YEARS of dealing with inadequate A/C, 78 degrees with A/C on full time! They finally did a proper test (years later) and conceded the unit they installed was much too small. OBVIOUSLY! It's 78 frickin degrees on full!!! But did they bring me a new unit? HELL NO! Wait weeks for an appointment to install, and after a day they say, 'It's not compatible'. They schedule another appointment... show up with another unit from the warehouse. It's DEFECTIVE. They come back with another unit from the warehouse. It's DEFECTIVE. Did I complain? NO I DID NOT! I didn't ask for ANYTHING from them - only to get it working right! The FLOODING! They did NOT install a water pump, and the furnace mounted A/C caused flooding that soaked the basement flooring. I replaced the carpet, and they brought in a SMALL pump. NO compensation whatsoever for the ruined flooring and black mold, etc. The small pump didn't keep up, and it flooded again. This time we caught it in time to dry up the floor, and they put in a bigger water pump. But it didn't keep up. They believed it defective and replaced it. As it turns out, it wasn't the pump, it was the INSTALLATION of the drain line! They stapled it causing a severe crimp that restricted water flow by about 95%. AND they did not secure the hose in the hole they drilled into the drain pipe. This resulted in MORE flooding, and severe raw waste water leakage under the subfloor. I only discovered this raw leakage recently as I was installing electrical wiring under the subfloor. But there's MORE! In a bedroom where they brought in the A/C lines from outside, the carpet had also been wet - some sort of flooding. As it seemed random, I replaced the flooring not having found the source of the flooding. It flooded again, and this time I hired a contractor to FIND the source. He removed the bedroom drywall, revealing a rusty colored water trail on the vapor barrier (plastic), which led to the corner at the ceiling. He then removed the insulation and it revealed the source to be the hole where Comfort Zone ran the A/C lines. He called me in to look, and I could LITERALLY see outside - the green leaves on the vines on my fence. He filled the hole with spray foam, which is visible outside, PROVING there was in fact a hole. My theory on this much water getting in is due to water runs on surfaces, and it ran down the A/C line into the house. Easy enough to prove, just pour water at the top of the line and watch if flow to the hole. Clearly we found the source of the flooding. I contacted Comfort Zone and asked them to consider what I've had to deal with. I asked them if they may consider some compensation. I made no threats and no demands whatsoever. I provided them with an OPPORTUNITY to make things right. Their ultimate response: "This is not an installation issue. This is not our responsibility on any way what so ever".

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