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Local Businesses in Eastern Ontario

One of the most visited regions in Canada, Eastern Ontario is known for its history and natural beauty. Numerous lakes and rivers, without which it is impossible to imagine the relief of Ontario, once served as trade routes through these wild lands for locals and explorers. Now their beauty is appreciated by tourists, there are amazing opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking and skiing. The source of the St. Lawrence River, one of the world's largest waterways, lies in this region, namely the small historic town of Kingston.

North of Lake Ontario lies the Canadian Shield. A favorite and highly visited place in the region is Algonquin Provincial Park, one of the country's most famous wildlife parks. The region of the Cavorth lakes is also very picturesque. The capital of Canada rises majestically over the Ottawa River, a treasury of national history and architecture.

Gananoque is recognized as one of the most stunning coastal cities in Eastern Ontario. It is truly considered a world class city for tourists, businessmen and residents from all over the world. The city continues to evolve and create an atmosphere that fosters expansion, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The business advantage is its proximity to three large Canadian cities, plus easy access to America. Gananoque also has a highly skilled workforce. The professional profile of workers is, first of all, important for the manufacturing sector, but there are also many employees in the tourism and services sector. The region has a strong and constantly growing economy that offers a skilled workforce and a consumer market at the same time.

Local Businesses in Eastern Ontario
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