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Review for Chartwell Chateau Cornwall Retirement Residence on Directory
31 May 2023

I found this residence will find somthing wrong with you if they no not like your lifestyle eg- I am a gay man,which i found the staff eg so called nurse two faced ,I was turned down after ,I went with a friend to see my rm .the door had my name on ,& we did a tour ,I signed the lease I gave them , a check ,thirty days before moving,on day 11 they told me i would have a med test !On day 10 the next day they called me,and said i failed the test,so i could not move in.they refused to tell my me, i called the president at HO,she told me why,which I told her were all lies,so i am laying a charge with ont human rights after they found outof my life style .DO NOT let any relatives move in or take a tour .they will F**K you.
Review for Countryview Care on Directory
19 Jan 2023

Countryview care is a small 15 bed facility a little north of Verona Ontario. With recent new ownership by a local, well respected nurse this place is on the path to becoming the desired location for those wanting the feeling of home without the worry. This affordable option opens the door to those who are unable to access the typical high priced locations yet still offering the highest level of care and support.
Review for Helen Henderson Care Centre on Whodoyou
24 Jan 2022

Hi, I think staff was courteous, i just dealt with a phone call. That was all. It was just fine. Thank you. Goodbye.
Review for Helen Henderson Care Centre on Whodoyou
11 Aug 2021

Hello. Hi, enjoyed the conversation with the lady and I'm not ready to move or anything. I have a house to sell before. And she gave me good information. Everything I would needed to know. I have, I have had different couples and friends in there. Everyone seemed to be well pleased with it and say, and that's pretty whole me plays. And when I do get in the position to do something and I will check it out further. Thank you for your time.
Review for Helen Henderson Care Centre on Whodoyou
29 Jun 2021

I spoke to a lady, her name was God I don't have it right here right now, but anyway, she was very nice, very informative, and very pleasant. What else can I say? I'm going to go for a visit one day and bring my resume. Thank you for calling, bye bye.
Review for Helen Henderson Care Centre on Whodoyou
06 Apr 2021

Hi there I thought it was a great conversation and t. told me all about what it was there but I am geared to income so I was and will be able to make it but I'm very sorry I can't but thank you very much for calling me by.
Review for Carveth Care Centre on Whodoyou
09 Sep 2020

Yeah your service was a one thanks.
Review for Helen Henderson Care Centre on Whodoyou
01 Sep 2020

I think they've done a very good job and I was very pleased with them.
Review for Helen Henderson Care Centre on Whodoyou
01 Sep 2020

We were completely satisfied with their work they were efficient here when they said they'd be here were completely satisfied.

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