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Review for Advanced Roofing Quinte Inc on Directory
29 Mar 2023

To add to the first review. The original leaks in my roof were caused by not properly sealing chimney flashing on both of my chimneys.
Review for Advanced Roofing Quinte Inc on Directory
29 Mar 2023

Terrible experience. The steel roof I had installed in 2016 leaked from the day it was installed. They came 5 times since then and couldn’t find anything wrong. Blamed the leak that was causing interior damage to my walls and ceilings on my siding. They now refuse to come back and fix it anymore. I called another roofer and they found 2 leaks within 5 minutes of inspection. They repaired the leaks and I haven’t heard any water dripping in my walls since. Now I saw some damage to my ceiling in another room. Went up into the attic and there 8 different areas where there was snow on top of the insulation. Two of them were 2 foot high snow piles. The snow blew in from under an improperly installed ridge cap. I emailed advanced roofing and sent them pictures but got no response. Probably because he’s refusing to honour the ten year warranty they advertise. There’s still almost 4 years of warranty left. I’m still finding roofing screws and nails they dropped from the installation on my lawn. Improper installation and a messy job. Do yourself a favour and hire someone else.
Review for Howes Bros Roofing Specialists on Whodoyou
10 Jan 2022

Oh, very, very impressed with Howes Bros Roofing Specialists. Great work. Yeah, we will use them again. Thank you.
Review for Boss Roofing on Whodoyou
06 Aug 2021

Quite satisfied with everything at Boss Roofing Company. Thank you.
Review for Boss Roofing on Whodoyou
20 Apr 2021

Hello! I was pleased with the experience with Boss Roofing Company. Everything was very professional. No complaints, thank you.
Review for Boss Roofing on Whodoyou
16 Mar 2019

No problems with Boss Roofing Company. Recommend them to anybody.
Review for Boss Roofing on Whodoyou
09 Mar 2019

Boss Roofing Company was very good ,very prompt and very efficient. I'm very satisfied with their work, thank you.

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