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Review for Comfort Pro Ltd on Whodoyou
06 Dec 2021

I already completed the online survey, so this is a little inconvenient nonetheless, top sorry, excellent service i'd actually use and recommended to anybody.
Review for Comfort Pro Ltd on Whodoyou
24 May 2021

Good evening yes comfort pro has come to our house and I've been very pleased with the individual would have sent a very kind seems to know what he's doing. Communicates well thank you.
Review for Comfort Pro Ltd on Whodoyou
21 Apr 2021

Hi what you want me to say wonderful service very quick service very prompt wonderful boy here to do it I hope you put me in on my big freebie you're giving away by Joyce Barry by.
Review for Comfort Pro Ltd on Whodoyou
03 Dec 2020

Yes generally speaking I was happy little disappointed that the trouble wasn't fixed the 1st night and the chap had to come back a 2nd time I appreciate the fact that you deducted that 2nd visit because to my mind it should have been fixed the 1st time but overall I'm happy with the service I will continue to be one of your customers and I definitely will recommend you as I have in the past thank you.
Review for Comfort Pro Ltd on Whodoyou
15 Jun 2020

Thank you very much for calling back everything was fine the particular issue I had was something that it was. An in will air condition through the wall air conditioner I have simply recently result a problem by fixing the cord Thank you.

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