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Review for Tarle & Mcallister Appraisals Inc on Directory
19 Jul 2022

I read the previous reviews and I should have listened to the negative ones. My current realtor and two other realtors valued my home at an acceptable range and all three independent reviews and research put the values very close to each other. I had Todd Lapierre the owner and president come down and do my appraisal. He appraised my home as $60k more than any other evaluation. When he was asked about his extreme appraisal, he said he was confident in his work and that even though the comparables were sold in giant bidding wars and were completely off, he said that is the value of the home. None of the consulted realtors would sell at that exaggerated price and we went with another official appraisal from Enns, MacEachern, Pace, Maloney and Associates Inc. Their appraisal was right in line with the previous realtors without previous knowledge or information because they were focused on house worth. If you want a bloated and waste of money appraisal, go with Todd Lapierre and his company.

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