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Cornwall Economical development

About Cornwall

Cornwall is a city in the Canadian province of Eastern Ontario. Cornwall has historically served as a gateway from the Montreal region to the rest of Canada, and it was and continues to be a key port of entry into the country.

The C.B.S.A. port was relocated to a permanent, temporary facility on the canal lands following the construction of the new low-level bridge connecting Cornwall to Cornwall Island. The city is linked to the United States at Roosevelttown, between the towns of Massena, New York, and Malone, New York, by the Three Nations Crossing (Canada, Mohawk, and United States), which spans the St. Lawrence River.

Cotton Processing Sector

Cornwall had a robust cotton processing sector at one time. Courtaulds Canada, Inc.'s viscose rayon manufacturing facility ran until 1992, employing approximately 3,000 employees at one time. As an adjunct to the rayon facility, British Cellophane, a subsidiary of Courtaulds, constructed a cellophane facility in 1971, which traded under the names TCF of Canada Limited, BCL Canada Inc., and Courtaulds Films before closing in 1992. Domtar, a Quebec-based corporation, ran a paper mill in the city for over a century before closing its doors on March 31, 2006. Domtar employed almost 1,500 people at its peak.

Furthermore, since 1935, Canadian Industries Limited (C.I.L.) has operated a facility in Cornwall. The factory has been transformed into a significant derivatives factory. Because the chloralkali process was carried out here for decades, the site has a long history of mercury pollution. This included converting brine into caustic soda and chlorine using old mercury cells.

Cornwall's Industrial Base

Cornwall's industrial base has now expanded to include manufacturing, automotive, high tech, food processing, distribution centers, and contact centers. The city is home to Walmart, Canada's largest supply chain management distribution center, with a gigantic 1,500,000-square-foot complex that employs approximately 1000 people.

Target Canada developed a new distribution center on a 169-acre (68-hectare) property plot in Cornwall's Business Park. Eleven Points Logistics ran the Target Canada distribution center. When Target departed Canada, Walmart took over its distribution center.

Both StarTek (now defunct) and Teleperformance (which went out of business in January 2013) had call centers in Cornwall. Teleperformance gave almost 300 jobs. Shopper's Drug Mart erected a 500,000 sq ft (46,000 m2) distribution facility at Cornwall's Business Park in late 2008. Over 130 new jobs were created as a consequence. In 2010, Service Canada created a new contact center, which opened its doors. More than 170 new positions have been created. Cornwall's unemployment rate at the time was at 4%.

Cornwall Square, often known as "The Square," is a two-story, 250,000-square-foot (23,000-square-meter) retail mall in Cornwall.

Cornwall has the 11th-lowest household median income in Canada and the second-lowest in Ontario in 2016, with a median income of $51,712.