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Latest reviews for local Restaurants

Review for Kfc on Directory
25 Jul 2023

Would give a zero if I could I can’t believe anyone would want to eat here I surely will never eat here Absolutely disgusting Why isn’t head office making them clean the place up ?
Review for Food Stop Winchester on Directory
05 Mar 2023

The best food truck I've been to! A total gem in the small town of Winchester. Worth a Sunday drive for a bite to eat. Friendly staff, fantastic food with large portions, quick service and fairly priced. Would totally recommend this food truck! Everyone must try the Pad Thai, the best ever!
Review for Modern Cafe on Directory
20 Mar 2022

Loved the restaurant when they were in business. They shut down 2 years ago.
Review for Goody's Pizzeria on Directory
23 Jan 2022

This was the worst experience i have ever had. We ordered delivery. We ordered 2 gyro platters, 2 pogos, onion rings, 4oz meat sauce, 4oz tziki and 4oz donair sauce. The food arrives and its $67. I thought thats pretty expensive but i guess....we open the bags and we have 2 gyros, 2 chicken souvlakis, onion rings, 8oz meat sauce, 8 oz tziki, a greek salad and 10-20 french fries. I call and speak to a TERRIBLY RUDE girl who says "sorry" but clearly does not care that we were charged for a bunch of food we did not order. I tell her we want a refund and by all means they can have the food back. She informs me they dont do that. But WE DIDNT ORDER IT!! I ask to speak to the manager and she says hes to busy to talk and he will call me not holding my breathe. Update: As expected no call came from the manager. I will be contacting my bank about these charges as i have tried to deal directly with the restaurant and they refuse to be professional and deal with their customers complaints. Also the food was not good at all.
Review for Papa's Pizzeria on Whodoyou
13 Dec 2021

Food was very good and the service was fine We use pick up.
Review for Papa's Pizzeria on Whodoyou
02 Nov 2021

Hello My pizza for papa was excellent.
Review for Bubba's Poutine & Pizzeria on Whodoyou
05 Aug 2021

It was really good pizza had no problem with that. Thank you very much and will probably order from you again.
Review for Papa's Pizzeria on Whodoyou
21 Jun 2021

I have no problem with your service, your service is great and you may good preacher, i appreciate it. I don't know what more to say, but you have a good day. Bye bye.
Review for Papa's Pizzeria on Whodoyou
08 Feb 2021

We ordered an extra large pizza it was wonderful we didn't have to wait any longer than you said it would be so that was perfect thank you have a great day by.

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