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Ice Fishing in the Bay of Quinte


Some of the greatest walleye fishing in the world can be found in the Bay of Quinte. The Bay, which stretches from Carrying Place in the west to the eastern edge of Prince Edward County in the east, is made up of hundreds of little inlets, tucked away honey holes, and tributaries ideal for catching walleye, largemouth and smallmouth bass, salmon, pike, and panfish.

Although the first Europeans to fish in these waters were most likely Quebec missionaries in the mid-1600s, the Bay had long nourished the Iroquois people. With the rise in popularity of angling over the last year, there have been lots of newcomers to the ice fishing scene. The Bay of Quinte area has excellent ice fishing possibilities.

Here are some tips that will help you make ice fishing in the Bay of Quinte excellent:

Wear warm clothes

Ice fishing does not have to be a chilly experience. It is recommended to dress in layers and avoid cotton since it collects moisture.

Moving around and sweating will initially heat you, but as you sit still, any moisture adjacent to your skin will cool off and drop your body temperature. Base layers made of merino wool or polypropylene keep you warm by wicking away sweat.

Stay safe

Safety should always come first while heading out on the ice, regardless of your level of experience. Ice thickness varies not just from one body of water to the next but even inside a single body of water.

Snow cover, temperature increase and fall, and current, which are present on many water bodies around the Bay of Quinte region, all have an effect on the ice development and thickness.

Prepare equipment

Check with the professionals at your local tackle store for equipment advice. They will be happy to assist you in setting yourself up for success, and they have an ear to the ground for what has worked for other fishers in the area.

Anglers that visit the Bay of Quinte, particularly in the Belleville region, are particularly fond of walleye. While one of the greatest species to target in the winter, the ideal times to catch them are spring and fall. Fishing is fantastic all year, but if you want to catch a trophy-sized fish, October is your best option. The greatest time to fish is supposed to be at night.

Walleye may be caught in Brighton Bay or Picton Long Beach. Use Rapala minnow baits in conjunction with a jig. Leeches and crankbaits are also known to be effective.

The Napanee region further along the Bay is a fantastic place to look for walleye and pike. The fish prefer to congregate at the mouth of the Napanee River, making this an excellent fishing location.

Bass are abundant throughout the Bay of Quinte, but the Trenton region has some of the greatest bass fishing. Although largemouth bass is more common, smallmouth fish are recognized for their size.